‘I have been eaten. Somebody took a bite out of me. It was a bird or maybe a worm. Now I’m all rotten inside and all flawed,’ said the apple next to me. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to answer. We were lying under a tree all hoping to be picked up at least for cooking ingredients. ‘I have also been eaten,’ I said in the end. ‘I have been hollowed out. I contained the pain in myself. It costs me a great deal. On the outside I appear whole and my skin untouched. Emptiness and fullness can exist in one stomach. I have contained myself within myself. The grand gardener will come and throw us all on a compost heap where we will rot into one. Like physical and emotional pain. In the end we will rot next to those who took out biggest chunks. They will be united with the pain they caused and I will be free.’ I looked around and saw that all the other apples have gone. They have been picked up and I have not. I can contain myself within myself after all, even if it costs a great deal.