Bruxism I

I entered through an empty painting frame. I was intrigued by what I saw on the other side, so when I noticed a void between the frame and the canvas I stepped in. There was a creature of strange appearance engaged in what appeared to be some sort of old craft. I looked at the creature closely, it was made from salt sediment and uneven grow that sprang out of diseased joints. „What is it that you do?“, I said. „I’m creating sleep disorder”, the creature said. „It is weaved from clenching, grinding and gnashing. I used these mortars to grind down these moments until raw nerve is reached.“ „But these are my mortars and I only have this moment“, I cried out when I realised foolishly that I have become the unprocessed material for the creature’s craft.   „Only this moment?“, the creature laughed at me. „This moment can be swelling endlessly…“   I looked around me. The void through which I entered was closed. I was locked in this place.




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