If I shatter

If I shatter

into pieces

after the fall

let the sound




They are all gone

Last one

looks around

pulls the coat closer

crosses the street and disappear

now the streets are empty

the Wind picks up and ruffles the darkness

it rips branches from the trees

‘finally they are all gone’

the Wind says

I can see them

because I am not


Walking with difficulties

Even in the hardest days

We keep to the path


If we step aside

Dark birds land on our shoulders

They peck the colour out

Of our seeing

And bring cold pain in the stomach

And bring nothing

They weight a ton

Whisper sad things


We keep to the paths

Even when the mud

Reaches to our knees

And other travellers

Push past hard

And walk with so much more ease


We walk


I found myself waiting

For me


To arrive


I waited until dark

I watched the autumn swing into winter

On the falling leaves


I saw

Light seeping through frosted windows

Crawling urgently

Until it meets itself in the middle


Where I stand

In silence


Covered in glitter of cold

Holding arms around me, the stranger


One thin line

Under the vast heavens
one begins one ends
under the only stars, meteors and space rubbish
one story after another
scratched into the tablet of time
one tiny line after another
begins and ends




Its weight in gold
On my mind

I recite
The sound of murmur
Flowing in through the gap between the window and flower pot
The vibration of melody in the dusk
Somebody is playing violins
I feel on my skin
The moist touch of falling fog

We dissolve in the acid bath of memories
We change
In the paradox of mortality and remembering

Past the shadows
Where we glitter
Stripped from the bother of time